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Good Friday

Over the past year we have been forced to face sickness and death as we never would have imagined. Every family has its own story of loved ones, friends and acquaintances dying alone or being sick for long periods without visits. We have been tested to the limit. Please God we can get inspiration from our celebration today. Jesus, an innocent man, facing his unjust death could see beyond the evil around him and knew that goodness would come from his own goodness. New life would come from his underserved suffering. Through his death God was opening the way to new life.

Today, as we look at the cross, we remember so many different crosses which have come into our lives and pray that God will use them as a steppingstone to help us cope in these nervous times. “There was silence over all the land.”

Although we can’t celebrate Holy Week together this year, we gather around the Cross and invite you to join the monks of Glenstall Abbey (Murroe, Co Limerick, Ireland) in prayer, music and song in ‘Fuaim na Croise.’


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