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Africa, St Patrick's Missions 
November 2023, Vol. 88 No. 7

Our November issue is out now. In this month’s issue Olive Foley, in a very touching article, talks about the totally unexpected and shockingly sudden death of her husband, Anthony. She says it was a time of overwhelming heartbreak, shock, grief, and intensity. Olive’s awareness of the presence of God in her life, sustained through the Rosary, lighting a candle in church, visiting the local grotto, and attending Mass have helped her and her two sons to cope with the traumatic experience of the death of Anthony. Dr Susan Nagele pays a fitting tribute to Fr Tim Galvin who died suddenly in East Africa earlier this year, having spent forty years working in Sudan/South Sudan. Fr Livinus Onogwu writes about the newly erected Memorial Garden at our House of Initial Formation in Nigeria. The names of all our Society members and volunteers who worked in Nigeria who have died, are inscribed. This is a fitting memorial to those who have laboured in Nigeria and a reminder to our students in formation of “their rich history and solid foundation”. Bishop John Ryan writes about the importance of imagination and explains “quantum leaps” – that which is beyond the realm of the rational, the empirical and critical thinking. Anne Cowley in The Hare’s Corner asks us to tolerate a little wildness in our gardens this winter to benefit local wildlife. As the late Fr Michael Kane wrote some time back “tidy is nice but wild is wonderful.” We hope you enjoy our November issue.

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