Africa, St Patrick's Missions 
July/August 2021, Vol. 86 No. 6

Our July/August issue is out now! In our summer issue Fr Hugo McBride tells the story of a young writer from South Africa, Nomali Zondi. Her friends nicknamed her “Mrs Shakespeare” in school and now she has just published her first novel. Fr Michael Kane is on the lookout for butterflies during the summer months; Fr Patrick Aleke takes an in-depth look at the role of grandparents in African societies while Marie Hartley also reflects on their role “I thought… about what the idea of a grandparent conveyed; in the main it seems to be experience, wisdom, protection. Everyone can hope, after a relatively long life, to have acquired those virtues, whether or not we become grandparents.” Fr Tim Redmond marks the Holy Year of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela; Orla McCormack gives us an insight into the faith of a young Irish Catholic; and Fr Leo Traynor reviews “Walking the Camino” by Michael Brophy: “I feel lucky to have been asked to review this special book. Having walked almost his route and passed the night in many of the same villages I can say it is a very honest reflection of this Camino route, warts and all. If you have walked this route, you will enjoy this book, if you haven’t but hope to do so then this is a read for you. And if you wished you could make the journey but know it’s beyond you now then join your heart to Michael’s and walk it page by page from within your heart and spirit.” We hope you enjoy our summer issue.

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Dermot Connolly


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Walking the Camino By Michael Brophy


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Fr Michael Kane


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Amy Heffernan